"There is no other program out there like this...
You'll leave the program as a truer version of yourself!"

Spaces will be limited to 10 people.

(Check out the Purpose to Profits Sales Page for more details)

This program is for YOU if:

  • You're an accomplished professional looking to start or grow your own consulting or coaching business
  • You're also purpose-driven - looking to make a difference as well as money
  • You're a ready, aim, fire type of person who values going slow to grow fast
  • You're supportive and encouraging to others.
  • You are excited to put yourself in a safe, growth container where you can wrestle with all the ideas you have for your business, get focused and put to rest any completely normal and expected fears and imposter syndrome.

After you submit your application:

  • You’ll get a link to schedule a 30-minute zoom call with me in the next week to secure your application
  • On our Zoom call we’ll talk about your goals and make sure that the Purpose to Profits Academy is the right for you.

Let's Get Started!


"I was in the midst of a career transition and had always dreamed of owning my own business. I knew I had a unique combination of skills and experience to bring to clients but had no idea how to think about packaging that or bringing it to market.

I considered doing it alone. I reached out to a lot of folks to get input about hiring a coach and many people said ,"Go it alone, there are plenty of online resources available".

I decided I could not go it alone. As a result of Betsy's program, one-stop shop, A-Z support, I got everything I needed to about starting AND growing a consulting business.

I was able to efficiently launch my new websites without wasting time or resources. And I also gained confidence. I realized that what I did in corporate America translated. I have transferrable skills. And I learned new skills. I learned a ton about myself. I gained a new understanding how my superpowers can be the foundation of a business. I am more optimistic. I have clarity."

- Heather Havey, Heather Havey Consulting

"I was at a crossroad in my life. My current job, though secure and lucrative, was not as appealing anymore. I knew I needed something DIFFERENT but didn't know WHAT or HOW to get to this different place in my work life.

Prior to this program, I had spent over a year - searching for answers. I read books, inspirational and training videos and webinars. I prayed! At the same time I was getting irritable and frustrated that I was remaining in the same spot, without a concrete plan for moving forward. 

Now, I am clear about what I have to offer, who I love to serve, how to monetize my skills. I was able to submit my first proposal to a client, even before my official business launch.

I was able to meet some awesome people in our Mastermind class, who have influenced me I am no longer scared or anxious about work.

I am more confident, less stressed, less anxious, more productive. I am experiencing more joy, peace and freedom."

- Jennifer Starns, Jennifer Starns International