Strategic Business Build Course
Strategic Business Build Course
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Give me a day and I'll help you:


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Your consulting and coaching business isn't about the tools and techniques that you use. The heart of your business actually is:

YOU and your big breakthrough ideas. 

THIS is what we're going to uncover and language in our VIP Day together. Together, we'll decode your business DNA and the ways in which your practice stands out and is distinct.

This point of differentiation is the foundation of your business and focus for your marketing, products and services, copy, content and everything else you do to establish your position as an expert in the crowded consulting and coaching marketplace.

What you want:

  • Be positioned and seen out of the gate as the “go to expert” and an important player in the marketplace
  • Create the path and plan towards establishing your thought leadership in the industry
  • Have a website and brand matches the depth of your expertise
  • Attract a higher caliber of clients
  • Charge premium fees

Who This is Ideal For:

  • Seasoned professionals with an extensive track record creating significant results
  • Aspiring, new and seasoned business owners
  • High-achieving, action takers
  • Creatives who have an over-abundance of ideas
  • Enjoys intense focus to create accelerated results
  • Strongly values strategic partners who can help you organize and frame your ideas
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Here's What We'll Do As Part of Your VIP Day Experience

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"Listen to Your Life" Inventory

I'll give you exercises to help you dive into your life story and uncover how it has shaped your purpose, superpowers and breakthrough idea

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Client Feedback

I'll help you interview former clients/colleagues about the value you bring and their needs. You'll use this goldmine of information to refine your messaging quality and relevance.

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Decode Your Business DNA

We'll weave together your experience, education and strengths into a core client promise of value expressed through:

  • A clear and compelling "What I do" statement
  • Value proposition/tagline for use on website and in marketing
  • Unique and marketable products & services
  • Key messages for your core website pages
  • Critical elements to include in your visual branding
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Thought leadership Positioning

We'll pinpoint your breakthrough idea that will serve as the foundation for your content marketing and help you decide:

  • Which marketing strategies will work
  • Types of content you'll create (e.g., book, audios, videos, etc.)
  • Topics you'll write about
  • How to leverage content to attract and warm up leads
  • What you'll create for client engagements
  • How to consistently generate stellar content
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To ensure we maximize our time together, you'll receive:

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Laser-Focused Coaching Sessions

Half-day or Full-day sessions - over Zoom or in person, 1 pre-session planning call and 1 follow-up call

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Session Notes & Recordings

We'll record our session and take lots of notes, which will then be uploaded to a shared Dropbox folder.

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Action Planning

We'll turn all of the ideas you generated from our VIP day into a time-framed implementation plan.

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30 Day On-Call Access

You have unlimited phone, email or text access to me for follow up questions and copy/content reviews.

Find Your Breakthrough Idea


The investment in this program starts at $2999. Payment plans are available.

Please complete the form below and tell me more about your business and the value you want to receive by virtue of this VIP day. I'll be in touch shortly to schedule a call.

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