...Without Investing a Ton of Time and Money Getting a Graduate Degree or Special Certification!


Equipping You to Take Your Place as a Credible Consultant to the C-Suite

Here's the thing - when you started your consulting business, you knew you had to learn how to market yourself.

But you now are coming to realize that delivering results as a consultant without positional authority is a BRAND NEW ROLE...

...with a LOT of complexity when you take into account the tactics of an engagement PLUS navigating the tricky terrain of corporate politics and client resistance.

It's for this reason that I created the Mentor-on-Call program. 

After 20 years of consulting to executives and 10 years of mentoring other consultants I am convinced that high-achievers learn best through action learning experiences.

It's only when solid theory is matched with the pragmatics of what is actually taking place in your client's world can you create the type of relationship makes you appear credible to a future client and deliver the types of results that creates raving fans.

This is what this program offers you - access to me and my experience with consulting to world-class organizations like Disney, Wyndham and AAA...when you need it the most. 

The Skills I'll Help You Master

  • How to establish INSTANT CREDIBILITY with influential senior leaders and potential buyers
  • How to WRITE A COMPELLING PROPOSAL that your future clients find irresistible
  • How to leverage PRICING MODELS that keep you out of the "trading time for money trap"
  • How to POSITION YOURSELF as a strategic partner to maximize both your contribution and compensation
  • How to ALIGN SENIOR TEAMS around supporting a common change vision
  • How to CONDUCT INTERVIEWS AND FOCUS GROUPS to create solutions at the level of cause (& guarantee results)
  • How to INCREASE THE VALUE of your contracts (for both you and your client)
  • How to NAVIGATE CORPORATE POLITICS and handle the challenges of client resistance
  • How to MEASURE THE RESULTS of your engagement (and quantify in dollars the value your consulting creates)
  • How to EXTEND THE VALUE of your client partnership to land additional contracts and referrals to new clients

The Results You'll Create In Your Business

Have the skills, confidence and peace of mind to:

  • Create more strategic and value driven proposals
  • Dramatically increase your close rates, per contract fees AND per client fees
  • Deliver exceptional client results
  • Increase client intent to repeat and recommend
  • Increase your revenue (while reducing your labor intensity

"Working with Betsy has had a huge impact on the way I think about my consulting practice. Her experience and approach have brought much greater focus and simplicity to the way I handle challenging and complex consulting engagements. My confidence in asking for high value contracts has increased significantly by employing what she has taught me. Very valuable experience!"

Laura Gallaher
President, Key Talent Solutions

"Last year, after a 10-year financial plateau, I doubled revenues after working with Betsy. She asked hard questions, pushed in ways I needed to be pushed and introduced me to resources that have proven to be invaluable. Not only was last year the most productive that I’ve experienced, I felt more relaxed and had more time to spend with family."

Christian Muntean
President, Vantage Consulting

"I have known Betsy Jordyn for almost 20 years and worked with her as my mentor for nearly five years. As a result of her workshops and guidance I have been able to secure a number of contracts and projects as a direct result of the information shared by Betsy. I would recommend Betsy to anyone interested in taking the next step in their business growth journey."

Harold Hill
President, Harold Hill Consulting

"Working with Betsy, I developed a better appreciation for the client perspective in any consulting partnership. What decisions do they have to make? What constraints are they facing? What questions do they have that need answers? With Betsy's help, I learned to focus on helping companies solve problems - rather than on just selling my own services."

Anthea Rowe
President, Anthea Rowe Commmunications

How We'll Work Together


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