Charles Browne


I specialize in transforming good companies into
world-class market leaders without an infusion of capital or
giving up what already makes you great.


Charlie's Story

Clarity on his strengths and a great website that reflected the depth of his value gave Charlie the confidence and marketing tools he needed to finally take the leap into full-time consulting.


Charlie found me (Betsy) after doing a ton of DIY programs and investing in different websites and was still stuck. He had a vision for running his own business but when it came to articulating what he did and for whom, he couldn't find the words. This confusion kept him from making the move into full-time consulting and even networking.


Once we began to unpack Charlie's story and how growing up with a schoolteacher mother and an engineer father gave him a shapeshifting superpower, Charlie's vision for what he wanted to do with his consulting business became crystal clear. His unique value-add to his clients is that he understood all the departments in a company, as well as the customers, and could translate their perspectives and synthesize their needs into a growth plan that always worked. Without a lot of capital.

His website copy flowed. The finish line to launch and cutover to the new business became clear. We built him a stunning website on the Kajabi platform which allows him a business that he can control now and in the future.


It's systems go time and he's ready to launch. The timing for his value proposition matched the unique challenges that are in the market today and he has captured and generated immediate excitement. Charlie is not only able to do the work he loves but have the flexibility he needs to both provide and be present for his children.

Kind Words from Charlie

"Your combination of experience is so unique. You helped me see these are the people I can help. This is my absolute killer, cornerstone skillset. So, I have the confidence now, I can go into any organization, maybe even – you know in the past there were a few that might be a little intimidating? Not even a hesitation anymore."